Online Annual Payroll Reporting


* Mandatory Information

Welcome to the Workers Compensation Board of Manitoba's online annual payroll reporting submission system.

In order to submit your annual payroll information, you must have the following information:
  • Account number
  • Access code
  • Contact information
  • Last year's total actual payroll
  • Total estimated payroll for this year
  • Total hours for all workers
  • Last year's gross payroll if any of your workers earned more than $125,000 in 2016

Please note the use of this symbol throughout the Payroll Reporting application. If you click on this symbol, another window will open within the application to provide you with detailed information and instruction about the information we require.

Once you begin, you may leave the application and sign back in using your access code at any point. Any information saved will be displayed upon re-entry.

Please enter your account number and the Access code provided in your Annual Payroll Reporting letter.

Account Number:* 
Access Code:*